Tuesday, May 29, 2007

CartoonaPalooza Poster

Godzilla sketch by Rob Davies, ruined by yours truly.


Doctor Jones said...

I don't think you ruined it. Looks good.
You attending that then?
...or are you going to say yes only because people that want you to go, will read this.

flaviano said...

mythunderstood is one of the funniest and well done (great character design)pilot cartoon i've seen around the blogspot artist world. i hope it can be seen on the screen as soon.
it's made in traditional? i think yes but the Flash "ghost" is near.
and great blog!

ridd1 said...

shutup it rocks!

Ben Reynolds said...

cool poster man!

Tim Bye said...

Doesn't look ruined to me - looks great! Great work

Doctor Jones said...

Where's the new posts these days, bud.
Man I havn't seen you in a long time.
Hope you and Shirl had a good X-mas and managed to get some time for holidays. You musta enjoyed some good Pinoy cuisine in the past month. -such as microwaved bananas, (ewwww).