Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chicken Switch

Promo material for a concept by Ramon Veras called CHICKEN SWITCH. A hilarious concept about Fighting Roosters that have evolve to take over the world. Ramon has developed an entire world and a whole cast of unique characters. It was a blast developing the visuals for this project. Will post more soon.
(Copyright Ramon Veras)


Doctor Jones said...

Is that a character in a gimp mask?!
Cool stuff T-Shro

Mike said...

Looks really cool!

Schmiddy said...

this is so awesome i simultaneously barfed and laughed at the same time. This is a good thing...or is it?

Honkbarn said...

This reminds me of a bathroom wall drawing I saw when I was a kid. It was a drawing of a cartoon penis chasing a cartoon vagina and it read 'just one fucking thing after another'. Can I say that on here? Does your mom read this shit? Maybe I should have wrote vulva instead.

Andy said...

Heheheh, that's sounds hilarious! Great blog full of great drawings man. I love it.